Thursday, 8 May 2014

Craft kit subscription service

Thanks to a friend I have now run out the idea of a kit subscription service.

My friend emailed me to ask if I would send a kit out to a young lady once a quarter, the first one to land on her birthday, then every three months after that.

What a great idea!

So, I decided to offer it up as a service.   The choices are:

  • Quarterly for a year  (4 kits) 
  • Monthly for 6 months (6 kits)
  • Monthly for 12 months (12 kits)
A fun thing for any craft lover to get a random kit they might not normally purchase or even try.

The kits will be sent out at random from a selection, and they will be worth the amount the subscriber pays.   One month the kit will be worth less, the next month more, but in the end they will balance out. 

The postage is free on the subscription kit service.

HERE is a link if it is something you might be interested in   :)

Thanks for the idea Sally   :)


  1. Oooo this is very tempting, i just cancelled a subscription box as it got too expensive. am i right in assuming most of these will be beady and yarny themed?

  2. Yep, anything that is listed, although you can choose not to have certain things if you don't fancy them :)

    1. Think the husband will notice more random stuff turning up at my door that i don't really need?

  3. You need to perfect the "THIS?? I HAVE HAD IT AGES" technique ;)


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