Sunday, 4 May 2014

Crocheted toilet roll, toiler roll cover

That's a mouthful isnt it?  A crocheted toilet roll, toilet roll cover.  But that is exactly what it is  :)

As part of the Bead Buddies monthly challenge for April  (Something for the Bathroom)  I came up with the idea of a toilet roll cover.   But what?  I did think of one of those 1970's style fashion dolls with a large crocheted crinoline skirt.  I'm hanging onto that thought for a later date.

Instead I took inspiration from Marie from Nim & Num who jokingly said - crochet a toilet roll.  So I did.

I did each sheet separately when whipped stitched them together.   

The base I did as a round with a rustic beige cotton in the centre to look like cardboard, then I sewed them both together.

Just hope no one accidentally uses it !!


  1. It is super amusing!
    I hope no-one is tempted to use it :P no matter how plush and soft it may be! x


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