Thursday, 22 May 2014

Robert Kaufman Lumina Fat Quarter Bundle

I've been a bit of a naughty crafter.  I think I need to go to a crafting confessional, but I suspect the queue will be SO long that I will just never get heard, so therefore I will confess to you  :)

You know these sponsored ads that pop up all over your computer? (cleverly done and drag money from your purse)  Well one popped up with a link to Craftsy and in particular a Robert Kaufman quilt kit.

Oh yeah......  bring it on.

Cheap too!       Or so I thought.   Cheap until the whopping great big postage went on just before pressing the "pay now" button.

So, sadly, I shut the page down. Wasn't going to pay all that postage - more than the kit was worth.

By then though, I had that fabric stuck firmly in my little crafters brain, and no amount of soup-making, baking, crocheting would take it away.

After a morning of Googling I realised that this fabric bundle was probably easily worth the money (including the postage) plus it came with a patchwork quilt tutorial.  So I went back and bought it.  Whoops!

Yesterday it arrived.  What beautiful quality fabric, so wonderfully crisp and colourful.

I tried for AGES to get the ribbon undone without cutting it, my teeth were aching in the end so I had to give in and just take a pair of scissors to it.

Let me share the pieces with you.   The last one is a larger piece as it makes up the sides of the quilt, all the rest are fat quarters.  (approx 18" x 22")

Don't you agree that they are just divine?  I really must start this project sometime soon.

If you fancy it yourself you can find the kit (fabric and downloadable pattern) here.....


  1. Looking forward to seeing the quilt you make.
    What do you use for the padding?

  2. Wadding I presume Sandie, not even done it before so it is all a learning curve :)


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