Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A blanket for Helena

Helena is one of my DIL2B's  (Daughter in Law to be) and she quietly hinted one day at having a crochet blanket.

The brief was - Blue, squarey things that look like patchwork.

Granny squares I presume!

So, I got this yummy colour changing yarn from James C Brett and got to work.   The beauty about colour-changing yarns in crochet blankets is that you don't have a load of ends to sew in at the end as you don't change colour much, but you still get a lovely effect.

It consists of 54 squares each taking 29 minutes each to make and join to the one before. (I timed  :)  )

Each strip of 6 took 15 minutes to join (8 joins)  and the edging took 30 minutes a round (3 rounds)

The sewing in of ends took about an hour.

So in total it took  1566 + 60 + 90 + 60 = 1776 which equates to just over 29 and a half hours   :)

I finished it off with a crab stitch  (a DC worked backwards) as I love the effect it gives.

I have ordered some of this yarn in different colourways and I am going to offer it up as a kit  :)

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