Wednesday, 7 May 2014

"Something for the bathroom" challenge

Over on the Bead Buddies Forum, the monthly challenge for April was "Something for the bathroom".

You may remember I made this Toilet Roll, Toilet Roll cover for it.

I also took the challenge out to my regular groups at Hobbycraft in Carlisle.  

The Crochet & Craic group came up with some fabulous things.  Which I really should have taken separate photographs of.  I'm quite annoyed with myself for not doing that now.   But I will try and explain them as best I can.

From the right at the back there is a cute little bathroom set, made entirely from crochet.  I can show you a closer photo of this one as I can steal it from the maker, Vera's, Facebook wall   :)

Cute huh?

Back to the main photo  (posted again to save you scrolling back up)  there are two white crocheted facecloths, also by Vera, a lovely crochet facecloth in white with blue by Louise, a supercute little crochet holder with 6 little crocheted cotton face pads by Ann (such a great idea!).  Two toilet toll covers, one mine and one, again by Vera, in cream with flowers.  Last but not least is the blue bath mat at the front by Stacey.

All the names were put into a hat and one was pulled out.  Stacey won some choccies.

The Bead & Banter monthly meet was the week after (last night in fact) and we got these entries.

Hahaha, got to laugh at Elizabeth's sense of humour with this one, when you open the card you can see the chap's backside!

And Karen made this amazing wirework toothbrush stand - just look at the curls and swirls in that!!

Janet make a gorgeous heart willow wreath, adorned with shells and beads.  This would look great hanging in anyone's bathroom.

Joan decorated a candle with beaded memory wire and hand coiled wires.

All the names were popped into a hat and Janet won some choccies this time.

Next time I will try to remember better photos at both groups!

If you come to either group, the next theme is Africa, you can use the colours, animals, landscape, culture - as long as it fits you can enter it   :)


  1. that looks like you all had so much fun ... shame Carlisle is so far away, I'd love to take part in your classes :)

  2. We would love to see you there Margret :)


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