Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cross Stitch Initial kits

I have been working on some new kits.  My kits are very slow at coming out for sale, but I have loads of them on the go at once.

Some are waiting for tools to go in the kits (knitting needles etc...)  while some are waiting for components to finish off the design  (buttons)  but some are just taking so long that they might be on the go for quite a while.

These particular ones are waiting for (very kind and lovely people - ie:  Mother, Shona & Marie) to make up samples for me.  In the meantime I have listed them anyway with a lot of "coming soon..." photo images.

They are cross-stitch kits.  Suitable for beginners with an explanation of what do actually do alongside the chart.   They are done with a colour-change thread, so you get a lovely finish without having to worry about what colour goes where.

You can also opt to have an upgrade to a kit with a black wood frame and a self-adhesive backing board so you can frame and display your work  (single initial kits only).

As well as single initials, I am offering a name design service, which will look something like this one...

If you fancy having a wee go, you can find them HERE.

Need to get back to finishing off half done kits now..

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