Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Inspiration from everywhere

Do you have an inspiration folder on your Laptop/Tablet/PC?

I am forever findings things to save in my little folder, for inspiration when I am uninspired and my mojo is lacking.   I thought I would share a little snippet of what I have saved.  I wonder if you will find them as inspirational as me.

I NEED this in my life.

Not perfect for me, but if I tweek the design....

Rainbow, who doesn't love a rainbow image?

Always like a nice bit of stained glass, I really should get into my shed and make some.

It's not about the caption, it's about the COLOUR.

This is my own photo, I loved stained glass windows, don't you?

Taken at woolfest, I love the bright colours with the black, it makes them POP!

Em, yeah......

I need a blank wall so I can do this.

Simple concept, really effective.

What inspires you then?  Do tell.


  1. hey something else we have in common ... stained glass windows ... I will go quite far out of my way to see particular windows ... And I love that scruffy bird ;)

  2. Love the expression on that owl's face!
    Are the disks on the wall glass?
    Did you ever finish the gecko on your wall?

  3. I think they are crocheted Sandie. And no, it is still a work in progress ;) Maybe this year....


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