Friday, 2 May 2014

Photographing Marbles

Hubster has started to regularly post pictures of his marbles on his Facebook page.  He has taken some persuasion as he doesn't usually like to show off his work.  You never know, this time next year I might have persuaded him to sell a few too!

The big issue with marbles is photographing them.   They are a nightmare to show off the real beauty.  They are an item that you need to hold in your hand, and turn so you can see the way the colours move within.

Then there is the reflection.   Everything seems to reflect of a marble, whether it is the window, the overhead light, the flash of the camera.  It all shows up there for everyone too see.

We are on a mission to get the perfect marble photograph.

This one needed to be taken from two view points, as I mentioned before you just cannot get an idea of the movement from a mere photograph.

But you can also have a bit of fun with them,  how's this for a novel marble holder?

It looks very heavy for that little chap.

Fun with magnification  :)

You might recall me saying that my Dad, (aka Daddy L) is a photographer, so I set him a challenge - photograph a marble  :)   Here he is in action.

This is my attempt, with the iPad, using my own body to block the light, and no flash.  No reflection, but a pretty dull looking photo.

Here is Daddy L's, the marble is actually sitting in a bowl of water, so the water is actually filtering the reflection out.  No flash, so still a little dark, but the colours are shown off much much better.

The experimentation will continue, but in the meantime if you want to see more of Hubster's marbles, you can find his Facebook page HERE.


  1. I'm in love with that second one!! its stunning!

  2. He will be pleased to hear that Clareio :) There will be loads more popping up on his Facebook page very soon.

  3. I like those reflections too ...

  4. Amazing marbles, and very clever photography!
    Great family effort.


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