Friday, 30 May 2014

Surprise birthday trip to Newcastle

Do you remember I mentioned, in my Big Fat Birthday post that my sister had something planned for the Thursday of that week?

Well, yesterday was Thursday, and I had strict instructions to meet her in town at 10.00am sharp!   TEN AM !  TEN in the MORNING!, me??

As it happens, Hubster is off work this week so he was making breakfast and bringing brews to try and get me sorted and out in time.

I had an inkling that we might be going somewhere on the train, wasn't sure where as a previous guess had been denied, but I did think the surprise involved a train ride.

So, we were wandering around town, looking in various shops, when she got a phone call - apparently she had agreed to lend a friend a tenner so had to go down to the station RIGHT NOW to give her it.  I did chuckle to myself.  (He he he, she must think I am stupid or something).

We get onto the platform, find the train - I realise we are heading to Newcastle, but as I pass the carriage I spot the party banners and balloons.   Seriously, that better NOT be for me!

"Is that for me, that better not be for me" I said, refusing to get on the train.  "Honestly, that better not be for me!"

But as I glanced down the carriage I noticed people were sitting at the table so it can't have been for me after all - thank goodness for small mercies!

Only, it was.  Because as I approached the table there sat my besties Lezley and Lorraine  (and a rather copious amount of alcohol!!  - Well, it was 10.30am by this point)

The sly buggers!

Julie had organised a girls day out.  Apart from the balloons and the banners I was a happy bunny, and cheerfully sat down to have a sneaky wee drink.
(I don't actually like Pimms, but this was gorgeous.)

When we got to Newcastle we were looking for a restaurant called "GA GA" in a place called "The Wall".
We looked for ages and ages.  Julie had been just a few weeks earlier and was dragging us around to find it.  Upon realising that we were going around in circles we decided to Google it and discovered it was actually called "ZA ZA (Bazaar)" in a place called "The Gate".

So near, and yet so far....   :)

This restaurant is a massive buffet place, with all different styles of food - Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, Pizza, Mexican, Old English, and more. (Oh salad too, we skipped that bit).

After a bowl of pasta made just for me at the pasta station, and (ahem) 2 and a bit plates of food, we were starting to feel a little stuffed.

Pudding time!

There were many, many puddings on offer, luckily only 4 were available to me (as a veggie) and I only liked two of those.  I say 'luckily' as I literally had no room left to squeeze them in. 

But I tried.  A little lemon meringue pie and a little banoffee pie.

Couldn't finish it!

Feeling more than uncomfortable we set off for a bit of shopping.  It was blooming hard work carrying all that food around, I can tell you.

We found a Primark (we don't have such a thing in our fair City back home)  and spent a good hour or so wandering up and down between the floors.

Julie bought two pairs of shoes.  She couldn't decide between white with blue stripes, or blue with white, so she got both  :)

All too soon it was time to come home again.   We jumped on the train, with out left-over cans of alco-pops and groaned all the way home about how much food we had eaten.

What a great day!   Thanks to all involved, but remember, I owe you one now  ;)


  1. what a lovely surprise - sounds like a great day x

  2. I'm a wee bit late with this, but here's wishing you a very, very happy birthday, Sooz. It looks like you had an absolutely fantabulous birthday day out with very dear and special friends. Having wonderful friends like those are truly special gifts in themselves, and I'm delighted for you. A birthday party aboard a train - I love it! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today, Sooz (even if I'm a bit late to the birthday blog post party).

  3. Thanks June, experience are so much better than gift boxes, I agree :)


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