Thursday, 15 May 2014

Puppy update

We have been visiting Ruby puppy regular now, so she gets to know us before the big homecoming.

She is such a cuddle monster, always happy to snuggle in and get some loving.  That is, until her sister comes along and grabs her ear/paw/chunk of skin.  (Ruby is at the front in this photo, meanwhile Hazel is getting ready to pounce!)

Mind you, she seems to be able to hold her own a bit, but their little "play fights" are sounding more and more scary. I just want to whip her up and take her away  :)

When we went last weekend it was raining and both puppies were uncharacteristically subdued, they didn't like the rain at all!  Wimps.  Well, Ruby is going to have to get used to that, up there, on them there Lakeland Fells  :)

The stage we are at now is waiting for poop samples to come back from being tested.  If they prove to be clear then the injections and micro-chip follows, then they should be good to go.

The other puppy  (known as Hazel) also has a home waiting, and we will need to orchestrate it that we collect our puppies on the same day as not to stress them out any more than necessary.

We've got a nice red collar and matching lead for her, and we have seen a nice red bed too  :)


  1. Hope the home-coming goes well, Sooz, and that Ruby settles in well.

  2. Ahhhh...Ruby is absolutely beautiful, Sooz. Hazel is adorable, as well. Most likely she'll be a little bit shy and 'make strange' for a short time, but once she gets used to her new home, and with your regular visits to her before she comes home with you, she'll be fine. They're both sweet little angels, the pair of them. Bet you're counting down the days till she can come back with you to her loving forever home.


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