Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Beaded Bangle Making

I have been running a 4 week course at Hobbycraft called "A Taste Of Crafting", which really is that - little taster sessions of some popular crafts that people might like to continue with in their hobby time.

One of the classes was Beaded Coil Bangles, two ladies attended, Judith and Rachael and we all sat down to play with beads..... work... I mean work!!   (Tut, tut, play indeed ;) )

The results were fabulous, lots of pretty beaded trinkets to adorn wrists with  :)

And here are the ladies modelling their makes  (with their permission of course)

Rachael made a pinky purple one followed by a blue and pea green number.

And Judith made a pretty pink and grey one, and a multi-mix one which worked really well.

I think they were very pleased with themselves, and so they should be   :)

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