Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Devil's Porridge Museum - Easter Crafts

Easter weekend saw me trotting (well driving) down the M74 to Eastriggs in Scotland, where the Devil's Porridge Museum is now situated.  It has recently moved from it's former building into this nice, clean and modern place, which is a contrast from the WW2 exhibits nestled inside  :)

It is on the main road at Eastriggs, just past Gretna, towards Annan.

This was my working area, on the mezzanine floor, above the exhibits  (I will share more about the museum at a later date).

The Easter crafts on offer was some Duck Taped rattly eggs....  (eggs with beads in them  :) )

And some Easter Egg bunting.

I was there for three days in total and had a great time.  So if you popped along, and are reading this, then thanks for coming. Hope to see you again soon :)

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