Monday, 27 April 2015

Vinoa Wine Tasting Subscription Service - review

I recently got this....  It is a Vinoa Wine Tasting Box.

It popped up on my Facebook news feed and I thought it sounded quite interesting, so off I popped to have a look.

I found a 'Welcome Box' where you just pay the postage at £2.99, so I went ahead and ordered one. 

You do have to sign up to have them delivered monthly, but you can cancel before the first month.

I was excited to find this neat little box pop through my letterbox.  With proper (tiny) glass bottles neatly packed inside.  And it does go through a regular letterbox, so no trailing down to the post depot to collect your parcel if you miss the post-person.

The bottles hold 50ml each - so the total volume is just under a large glass.  For £10.00  (the regular price) I did think it was expensive..... for a glass of wine...... which was why I was 'planning' to cancel it after the first box.

So, you get a little card where you place your 4 glasses.

And into each glass your little dribble of wine does go.

Then you log onto the Vinoa website and follow the interactive guide.

Now, a little tip.  BEFORE you open the bottles and pour it all out, make sure you are set up on the website and logged in.  It took me AGES to request a new password, sort it all out, set up a profile etc..  and all the time I could smell the wine, sitting there, waiting to be drank.

And we are ready to taste...  

The interactive guide takes you through some easy steps.  The first one it tells you what the wine should look like, colour, clarity etc...
Then you go on to smell.  You have to pick the icons on the screen that you think you can smell - such as tobacco, spices and fruits.   It will then tell you if you are right or wrong, and if you are wrong what the correct ones were.
Next is taste - no gulping it down on this bit.  The guide shows you how to test for tannins and how to pick up on the flavours.

At the end of each separate glass, it tells you how much the wine sells for (you can buy it from their website if you like it)  The are well priced, these particular ones from about £6.00 through to £21.00.  Of course, my favourite was the darkest, deepest, most expensive Red  ;)

Gulp!  Gone!

As I mentioned before, I was going to go and cancel this subscription once I had tried the first box, but I enjoyed the whole process so much that I didn't, I am going to stay with it as it was loads of fun learning about the tastes and the smells. I am going to treat it as educational   ;)  And those little glass bottles are so darn cute!

My next box is due very soon.  Can't wait  ;)

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