Friday, 3 April 2015

Duck Tape Egg Rattle

A little bit of fun for you to make, it makes a good cat toy or a baby rattle  (but please, always supervise baby with any toy, do not leave alone)

First of all get a fillable egg - you can get these ones in Hobbycraft for just £1.00 for 8 eggs.
You will also need something that makes a noise - buttons are good, or little bells, even little pebbles would work.

Pop them in and close it up,  Give it a rattle, does it sound ok?

Now grab some Duck Tape - also available in Hobbycraft for £3.00 a roll in lots of fab patterns.  I chose this "Patchwork Quilt" design.

You can cut it or rip it.  If you cut it it has a nicer edge, but really glues up your scissor blades, so each cut is harder.  The glue isn't the easiest thing to get off your scissors either.  Or you can rip it, it tears quite easily.   You need little squares about half an inch (12mm) square.

Stick the pieces firmly on your egg, concentrating on the join first.

Stick them all over, making sure all the edges are down flat, and rattle away....

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