Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rainbow & Lime Crochet Ripple Blanket

Last week I started a new blanket for my Granddaughter, Hope.

Not a bit of pink in sight this time, nor lilac.  No, this blanket is bright and colourful and very cheery - or I think so anyway.

Rainbow ripples, interspersed with a line of bright vibrant lime green.

I love the way that although it is a 'random' colour-change yarn, it isn't random at all and I can see patterns forming  - different in each line.   Can you?  squint your eyes, you might see it better  ;)

This one on the white background shows the vibrancy of the colours off much better.

I am planning to get her a little foldaway push-chair for Nana's house, and of course, she will need a nice new blanket to go with it.

I keep showing her the work in progress and her little eyes widen every time- so I think she quite likes it  :)

Will keep you updated of the progress.


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