Sunday, 27 April 2014

Another Shed tidy

This time it is the glass shed.  After the Flame Off it was decided that if we didn't want to spend another year not melting glass, then we need to act and clean up the mess so we could melt glass.

What a dull job it is tidying up.  I do wish I wasn't quite so messy with stuff, that I took the time to put things away properly.

This is my workbench for glass cutting and stained glass work  - when it hasn't got stuff piled on it that is.

And this it the torch section.  We can't get into this bit as the floor is covered with tool boxes.

To be fair, we had a nasty leak last year and need the roof repaired, as well as the electrics, so it's been an ongoing mess for a little while now.  But (touch wood) all seems to be sorted in the repair department.

I am working away quite happily when Hubster spots I have my flip-flops on.  I always wear flip-flops, unless I am walking in the Lakes or the Fells.  My toes like to be free and aerated.

I was told, in no uncertain terms, to go and put sensible shoes on.   Like I am 6 years old!!

Sensible shoes  (reserve walking boots) later and I am allowed back in the Shed.

The plan was to get it all out into the garden, the tidy it up as it went back in.

At the back of the photo there are about 10 large clip frames that I liberated from the Hobbycraft bin because the glass was broken. I can always use bits of broken sheet glass  :)

But I needed to get it cut up into manageable sizes for storage.  It took me over an hour to cut it all up, but I have a lovely big boxful now.

After a long day, with a trip to the Vet with a sickly Milly Moo cat, we had made headway.  Tidy(ish) workbench, with a little space to work, and boxes underneath all sorted.

Tidy(ish) torch bench with swept benches and glass all put away properly.  Tool boxes removed from the floor.

We have no excuse this year not to melt glass, so watch this space   :)

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