Friday, 11 April 2014

I'm off to the Flame Off

I am running about like a headless chicken today (not the best analogy for a vegetarian I must admit).

Getting sorted to catch the train in the morning to go to the 2014 Flame Off event, hosted by Tuffnell Glass.

This year it is at Uttoxeter Racecourse.  Last year it was a Silverstone, so Uttoxeter is a bit nearer for us.

The Flame Off is a get together of people who have an interest in glass, made on the torch generally, called Lampworking.

I usually go down on the Thursday for a master-class, but as I have not even fired up my torch for a year to practise what I learnt last year I didn't allow myself to book a class this year.  I will just go for the Friday and Saturday demonstrations and glass/bead stands instead  :)   And to catch up with like-minded people  :)

I have my list, ready to tick off......
  • Didyium Glasses  (safety specs)
  • Crochet for the train
  • Train tickets
  • Breakfast (getting train at 7am!!)
  • Pack my case
  • Print map so I can get from the station to the racecourse
  • Dye hair
What am I still doing here...??  Things to do, things to do.......

Have a look at last years photos if you like, you can find them HERE.

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