Wednesday, 2 April 2014

"Ceramic Pebble" necklace kit

I have just put out a new necklace kit.  It's really quite difficult to decide which kit to work on next as I have so many whizzing around in my head - this, as it happens, was not one of them!

One of these hearts was on the floor in the shed and as I picked it up I challenged myself to do something with it.  This is the result.

Then I went on to make a different colourway with a blue flower.

I made them up, took lots of photos, printed off lots of instructions and spent nearly all day in The Shed packing them up and making them look pretty  :)

I have listened to suggestions from you lovely followers, and I have popped extra beads in and extra clasps  (one for going missing under the carpet and one for making a bracelet should there be plenty of beads left)

I am also offering a refill pack at a reduced rate so you don't have to buy the whole kit and caboodle again should you wish to make one of each  :)

Oh, I better tell you where you can find them, in case you fancy a little go at simple stringing.  Click on the link below  :)


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  1. What a smashing kit, great work Sooz xxx



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