Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Continental Market, Carlisle

Every so often, in our fair city, we have the treat of a Continental Market.   I often miss it, but quite accidentally stumbled across it this time while 'doing lunch' with my sister, Julie.

The smells are amazing as huge pans of paella cook and fresh crepes are tossed.

Continental bread and biscuits tempt you from every angle.

Olive bread is my very best favourite   :)  I should know, I try it and make that statement every time I find it.

There are craft stalls, hand carved wood, pottery, clothing etc...
Jewellery and glassware too.

And the largest array of Turkish delight that you ever did see.  So many colours and flavours, it would have been hard to choose but the stallholder was missing so I didn't get to buy any.

I did, however, try a good few tipples of Mead.  Well, it would be rude not to try them all wouldn't it?

Of course, I bought a wee bottle for myself  ;)  I do like a wee snifter of Mead.

The next stall was cheese, so my sister and I had a few nibbles at that too.  Many colours, many flavours.  Three bits for £5.00.

I bought Hubster a Marmite cheese, while I treated myself to a Pesto cheese - strange green colour, but tasted lovely and it made a great cheese on toast.  Julie got her bloke a Guinness cheese, which was very black veined. I tried it and didn't like it, she wouldn't even try it!  But apparently he loved it.

So annoyed I didn't manage to get Turkish Delight though  (grump!)

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