Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rag Rug Workshop at Hobbycraft

Yesterday was a new workshop for me, a rag rugging one at Hobbycraft, Carlisle.

6 lovely ladies all turned up with some rags in a bag, and we set to work.

I had hemmed all the hessian sacking the day before in preparation, to make things a little easier.  When you go to a class you want to jump right in and play, not do boring prep work  :)

Old t-shirts, old jumpers, old pyjamas, all being chopped up and prodded into sacking to make cute and colourful rugs.

It was a great day, planning to do another one in the not to distant future, so keep an eye on my workshops page to see what's coming up   :)


  1. Really enjoyed the workshop Sooz ! You soon made us feel at ease and your quick wit and sense of humour was an added bonus as was the cup of coffee ! Best wishes , Carol Armstrong.

  2. Aww Carol, thank you, what a lovely comment to read. So glad you enjoyed it, would love to see your rug once it is finished, I have a feeling it's going to be a cracker :)


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