Sunday, 13 April 2014

Flame Off 2014 - Uttoxeter

This weekend was the 7th annual Flame Off event hosted by Tuffnell Glass & Totally Beads.

This year it was held at Uttoxeter Racecourse - what a great venue, loads of space and literally 3 minutes walk from the train station platform.

The event is all about melting glass and the demoists this year were....

Melanie Moertel from Germany.

J C Herrell from California, USA.

Michal Silberberg from Israel.

Helen Gorick from the UK.

As well as watching demos, you get to be able to play on the many torches that are set up for you.
This is the fabulous Kathryn Greer (aka MyPrecious) making one of her most famous floral numbers.   

And my lovely Hubster, making marbles - of which he is very good at I must say.  No website to link to for him, but I am working on that, once I can get him to part with his precious marbles.  Believe me, his pockets just cannot hold any more!

This is just one of many he made.  He was also showing and teaching other people to make them too.

This is the torch set-up.  People were enjoying themselves immensely.

Then there was the charity auction. I bidded on quite a few things but only won the one - a years subscription to Truly HandCrafted, a selling site with very low fees for hand-crafted items only.  Go take a look :)   I am not keeping it for myself though, I am giving it to Marie from Nim & Num so she can start selling her lovely hand-made items.

It was a great weekend and I have loads more to tell, so look out for another blog post soon  :)


  1. It is, I really look forward to it each year.

  2. It was lovely to see you there. How kind to give the subscription to Marie. Hope it gives her business a great start.


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