Saturday, 19 April 2014

Beaded Jewellery class and an Easter giveaway

This week I did an all day beaded jewellery class at Hobbycraft.   Three lovely ladies attended, Eaman  (sorry if I have spelt that wrong if you are reading), Lilly and Lynn.

It was a 10am - 3pm with a short break for lunch, but the time just flies in, all of a sudden the time is up and the day is over.

We started with earrings, simple beaded ones, then ones with added dangles.   We then went on to make memory wire coil bracelets which looked great.

Following that was a simple beaded necklace with monofilament thread, then a tigertail multi-strand necklace with floating beads.

I love the fact that people are offered the same materials to work from, but the results are so very different, it's great!

I made some bits as samples too, and because it is Easter I am going to do a little giveaway.  You can either enter here on the blog comments, or on the Facebook post which is pinned to the top of my Facebook page.

All you have to do to enter is to say which two pieces you would prefer from the lot, on Easter Sunday (evening UK time) I will do a random draw & the winner whose name I pick out will win the two pieces they've described.
Will post anywhere in the world.
Good luck.


  1. Love the bracelet ... those colours go so well ... And I really like the earrings with the leaves on the bottom

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  3. I absolutely love homemade jewelry. I like the bracelet and the yellow earrings.


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