Monday, 7 April 2014

Hobbycraft groups 'Bunting Challenge'

You know I took part in the Bunting challenge over on the Bead Buddies forum?   Well, I decided to use that very same challenge for my monthly groups at Hobbycraft.

First of all the Crochet & Craic group.

There was two wonderful entries, this one from Anne, butterflies along a crochet rope.  Isn't it wonderful?

...and this one my my Mum, Vera, she made the pattern up all on her own and I am very impressed.  Love it.

I popped their names into a hat and Anne won a few naughty chocolates  :)

The next night was the Beads & Banter group meeting, a few more had taken part from this group.

First we had Karen's singular bunting - does that make it a 'bunt'?  Just look at how that ladybird bounces on the coiled wire, so cute.

Liz made her bunting by stringing shells.  This would look fabulous in a bathroom.

Elizabeth made a really beautiful card, with bunting and lots of other components.  Must have taken ages.

Jennifer wired up triangles of beads to make hers, then strung them on a lovely ribbon.

Last, but not least, Joan (with the help of her Grandchildren, who coloured in the flags) made this colourful bunting, each flag is held onto the ribbon with a bead.

I have to say I was impressed with the entries, loved them all, but there could only be one winner, so the names went into the hat again and Karen won herself a few choccies.  (she hasn't got them yet though as I forgot to take them with me!!)

The next challenge for them is "something for the bathroom" so it will be interesting to see what they come up with for that one.  Especially the beading group.

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