Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cumbria Bloggers meet up #2

Today I went to meet fellow Cumbrian Bloggers. We all get together on a Facebook page and it was decided it might be nice to meet in real life.

We met at a cute little Café in Carlisle, called "I Love Café".

Click HERE for a newspaper article on the Café.

Ten of us met up, ranging from craft bloggers, fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers.

From the left front and clockwise we have:

Anna from The Dusty Attic

Jen from Jenny and the Magic Feather

Jo from A Perfect Hiding Place

Sally from Sallytangle

Amanda from Amanda Uniquely

Alice from Tea and Lead

Caroline from All About The Girl

Ann from Prattle and Froth

Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health


  1. Was so nice to meet you in person! x

  2. And you, it's so nice to put 'real' people to the blog :)


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