Monday, 1 April 2013

Marie's Birthday Cake

My daughter, Shona's girlfriend Marie celebrates her 21st Birthday today.  Happy Birthday Marie!

Sadly, she is allergic to eggs so has never really enjoyed a big fat chunk of Birthday Cake, although she does tell me that her Grandma used to buy her a cake just so she could blow the candles out :)

I have made an egg-free sponge cake before, the eggs are substituted for syrup, which actually makes a very tasty, very sweet, cake. Although it doesn't rise as well.  The texture is certainly denser.

I used THIS recipe from BBC FOOD - it is adapted from a World War II ration recipe.

I wanted to capture the essence of childhood and Marie's characture, which is bright, rainbowy and cheerful.

The cake was sliced and filled with naughty buttercream and raspberry jam.  Then iced with the naughty buttercream and decorations added.

I bought some Rainbow Sour Strips, White Chocolate Mice, Rainbow Drops and a Kinder Surprise Egg.

I edged the cake in the trimmed rainbow strips then placed white mice around the edge, all facing as if in worship, towards a kinder surprise egg  (well, it is Easter!!) which was sat atop the rainbow drops.

Childlike indeed I think  :)


  1. That's the most brilliant cake I've ever seen!

  2. Wow that looks scrummy! And now I want a Kinder egg, even though our house is full of easter eggs!!


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