Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Lea Stein Collection

For a little while I have been collecting Lea Stein brooches.  I can't remember how I got into them, but I have to be very careful when I am browsing eBay as it can end up costing me a small fortune.

Have a read about her HERE.

I did recognise pieces of hers on the odd occasion that they appeared, but it wasn't until I saw a lady wearing a magnificent one that I decided I might collect them.

I told the lady that I loved her Lea Stein brooch, she looked at me oddly and said "My what dear?"  - "Your Lea Stein brooch" I repeated pointing to it.  "Oh, this old thing, my husband picked it up on a car boot sale a few years ago for a couple of pounds"

I told her to take care of it then as I was pretty sure it was worth around the £100 mark now, in fact that particular one sells for around £150, so I hope she does look after it.

In July 2012 I bought myself the collectors book and drooled my way through it - such gorgeous work.

My first piece soon followed in the same month, I got this little fellow.  Isn't he cute?  I paid £43.04 for this chap.

The following month I treated myself to this cat brooch.  They are quite large pieces, this one measures about  6cm across and cost me £36.97.

The following month I bought this butterfly, this has been my cheapest Lea Stein piece at £26.79 and I have to say, my least favourite so far.

My beautiful ballerina was £37.99 and this is my favourite to date, that might change if I get a fox, I do like the foxes  :)

The latest purchase is this cute key at £31.50.

Have a look on eBay, there are some beautiful designs.  You can tell a Lea Stein brooch by the 'wing' shaped clasp on the back, although some of her earlier pieces are just regular clasps.

I never wear the brooches, I just like to look at them.  Knowing me I would probably leave them pinned to a jumper and end up putting them through a wash and tumble dry!!

Does anyone else collect brooches?

ps: The Amazon links are affiliated  if you click and buy I might get a few pennies.  Just so you know :)

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