Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My new craft room - the big reveal!

Well, you have heard me waffle on about it long enough, but tonight I finally got it to a place that I could photograph it.

I would like you to meet..... my new craft room!

So, the story is, oldest son (Iain) moves out - he had the biggest room as he is the oldest.  Shona actually had two bedrooms as when Adam (no 2: son) moved out a couple of years ago, she took over his room as a 'dressing room'. Deciding that one large room was better than two small rooms, she moved into Iain's room, which freed up two bedrooms.

Andrew is going to have one as an office, his office is currently downstairs in what was our dining room.  He had a corner to start with and slowly spread out and took over, so we built an extra room/conservatory on the back of the kitchen which we use as our dining room.  This in turn will free up a dining room and give us an extra living space, which will be nice.

(Sorry son, it really was sad to see you go).

I got the second empty bedroom, actually I got to choose and I chose the one with the bigger window to give me more light to work.

My desk area, the rest of the table is left clear (or so I hope it will be) so I can put the sewing machines on there.

My bookcase.  Daddy L built this when I was little, Iain had his eye on it when he moved out but no, it's mine. It is so solid I would be lost without it!  (overspill of books piled up on the floor)

At the moment it has my novels in too, they will be moving to the dining room when that is re-done which will then make room for the stash of books I have down there waiting to come up (whistles innocently!)

That's my Fimo oven on the top on one side, and my knitting needle pots on the other.

Cross Stitch pictures above, along with a pretty print of silk scarves that I bought at a craft fair.

Then there is my Really Useful Boxes all filled with really useful things :)

Want a closer look?  I have space for two more small boxes, wonder what I shall pop into there (whistles innocently!)

Here is Bunny, this is her new home on top of my RUBox cupboard.

Next, onto my wool stash (can you hear the innocent whistles getting louder?)

Bags of wool that there is enough of to make something....

Projects started as as yet unfinished (whistles innocently)

A comfy stool in the corner for the cats to sit on if they like. In the hope that they will stay off my computer chair in case I need to sit on it!  (You are not allowed to move a cat in this house)

I am planning to decopatch this stool eventually, you may remember my upholstering post about it? click HERE.

And something for the cats to scratch on when they get off the comfy stool to save them trying to claw up my wool shelving.

On this wall is another Cross Stitch, a memo board and my Del Boy £20 note in a frame  :)  (you know I have a David Jason thing, right?)

A few oddments hanging around.... keys, that I WILL do something with (whistles innocently)

And the first Crochet Owl to start off my Owl Bunting.

Not forgetting the marble collection on the windowsill.

Have you missed something?  Look again.... NO BEADS !  No boxes of beads, no beading stuff, no half finished bead projects.

That's because there is just no room for my bead stash, so that is out here....

In that big brown thing at the bottom of the garden, more famously known as The Bead Shed.

(Do I get an award for the use of "whistles innocently" too many times in a blog post?)

ps: The Amazon links are affiliated  if you click and buy I might get a few pennies.  Just so you know :)

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