Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Plum Brulée bracelets

Working on a small display piece for Hobbycraft which is a decopatch photo frame, painted white, then a colourful bracelet hung unside.  (Not my idea I must add sadly, but I was happy to put it together)

This is the frame, it is on it's 4th coat of white paint and currently drying.  Not being into paints I didn't realised that it would be better using an acrylic paint rather than a water based ones.  That's something new learnt this week then :)

In the meantime, while waiting for the frame to get whiter and whiter, I made the bracelets.

I was only going to make one, but there was plenty of beads in the pack to make three.  So I made two.

The beads are a gorgeous mix by Jesse James Beads called "Plum Brulée", and I also took a cute little dangly heart charm by "á la mode"

A simple stringing design, started off being random but ended up being symmetrical.

Once I had done the bracelet with the butterfly I noticed there was a rather nice focal that needed used, so I bashed up the second one  :)

They should look quite nice in a frame each.

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