Tuesday, 30 April 2013

BB Colour Challenge April 2013

The time is 23.31 on the last day of April, and I have just finished my piece for the Bead Buddies Forum monthly colour challenge.

I realised at 23.00 that I had not done anything to enter into the challenge, which might have been ok if I had not pledged to make sure I took part the previous month :/  ***Headless chicken mode - ON!***

The colours were a randomly generated selection - this.....

What can I make?..... aha, my Shrink Plastic and Sharpie pens were still out on the work table, good plan.

I had bought a cute owl template in the clearance section at Hobbycraft the day before so decided to use that.

Stupidly though, I picked up the purple pen instead of the green one, I do have a tendency to lean towards the purple side so I wasn't surprised, just a bit annoyed at my lack of concentration.

This is the first time I have used the white Shrink Plastic since my first trial method, and it bled!  Not as much as the regular felt tips bled, but still too much for my liking.

Now, the directions in the packet say to use the rough side of the plastic, but when I used the shiny side on a test piece, I got a lovely crisp finish with no bleeding, so guess I will be using that side from now on.

After a big sigh, I took some clear Shrink Plastic and started again, this time only putting the correct colours on the table and locking the others away so I could not be tempted away again.

Not chuffed with this one either.  The grey is way too dark and it was a bugger to photograph.  Still, the colours are kinda correct so I will be entering it.  

ps:  I will tell you now, I will not win  :)   You see, I actually do the draw for the winner and of course will not be putting my name in - no good sending a winning gift to myself now is it?

ps: The Amazon links I've scattered throughout the page are affiliated  if you click and buy I might get a few pennies.

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