Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hadrian's Wall

I have blogged for a while now, mainly about crafts.  But did you know I did a blog a year or so ago that I am incredibly proud of - I, along with Hubster and our friends, Ian & Lezley (oh, and of course Dotty Dog)  walked Hadrian's wall!

I have just been reading through the blog I wrote each week as we stomped through another section of Cumbria/Northumberland, remembering fondly the beautiful views, the ever-changing British weather, and the packed lunches.

You can find the blog HERE if you wish to read.

We started the walk on Sunday 12th June 2011 at Bowness-On-Solway.

And we finished on Sunday October 3rd 2011 at Wallsend.

Total miles walked was 94.30 taking a time of 48.15 hours.  (Oh, and I lost around 2 stone in weigh too)

I even got a tattoo on my ankle to commemorate the event  :)

What have you done that has made you proud?

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