Tuesday, 16 April 2013

2/50 Stitches for Afghans

I am working through this book - 50 Stitches for Afghans by Darla Sims.

You can find previous reviews HERE.

So, this is Square 2. I am using Patons 4ply Cotton in Pistachio.

It looks like it should be the easiest pattern to follow, but it's not! There are confusing instructions on where to place your next stitch, sometimes it mentions CH SP (Chain Space) then sometimes it mentiones CH SP-3 (Which is a chain space of 3 spaces) in both instances you are working into the same gap (just different rows).  Once you have got it, its easy enough to follow without referring to the pattern, but by then I was finished :)

No "Special Stitch" for this square.

This pattern said it was in multiples of 4+6 so you would think I would be safe in starting with a foundation chain of 40, but no, I had two chain left - so started again with 38.

Squares so far....

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  1. Pretty squares!
    I did a square a week knitted afghan last year and it nearly killed me as I'm much better suited to smaller projects.

  2. Do you have a link Hannah? I do follow your blog but I am a relatively new follower so might have missed that one.


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