Thursday, 13 March 2014

A busyful day, yesterday

I love the word 'busyful', it's not a proper word of course, although if we use it enough we might get it into the Oxford Dictionary at some point.  But to me it just means a day full of busyness, which is exactly what yesterday was.

My day started proper at 9.45am in Hobbycraft, Carlisle, as I set up for the crochet class.  These lovely ladies came along and learnt to crochet.  They went away as happy hookers  :)

In action shots, those hands were working so hard..

Granny squares, not only learnt, but joined too!  I am expecting big blankets by next week  :)

At 12.00pm I had myself a short lunch break and nipped to Food @ Broadway in Kingstown, Carlisle,  for a baguette. If you have not eaten there, do, the food is lovely and fresh.  Although lacking slightly on veggie options  (cheese or egg) they do some lovely sounding soups.

The afternoon had me doing a beaded jewellery class for one.  I don't mind doing classes for one though, as you get to have a nice chatter and make something yourself too.

We made charm bracelets.  The hardest part of making these is choosing the colour scheme I think.  I started with the black acrylic butterfly as a focal, and just built on that - it was going to be all black, but I am too much of a colour junky to stick to one shade.

And this is what my student made.  A glorious riot of colour don't you think.  A bracelet to go with everything  :)

If by chance you fancy joining in next week, either crochet or jewellery.  Check out my WORKSHOPS link for more details  :)

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