Saturday, 22 March 2014

Crochet & ring making day

Wednesday is such a busy day for me at the moment.   I have a crochet class in the morning (at Hobbycraft in Carlisle) then a jewellery making class in the afternoon.  With a quick hour lunch and resetting up break.

Last Wednesday, my lovely ladies Tracie and Lucy started making Mandalas.  This is a great way of learning new stitches and how to use old ones in different ways.

Didn't they do well?   It is the last week next week so I hope they can go away with confidence to start making beautiful things.

After a tub full of pasta & Quorn sausage it was right back to it with a beaded ring making class.

My samples, a bit of copper work and some silver curling.  I did do others but I managed to give them away to Hobbycraft staff as they passed by  :)

My student's hand full of blingy rings.   She will be spoilt for choice when deciding which one to wear each day.

♪♪♪   With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes 
She shall have music wherever she goes ♪♪♪ 

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