Sunday, 30 March 2014

James C Brett "Dreamer" Blanket

Finally finished my lovely blanket - well, it's a throw really for the back of the sofa.

I bought the pattern from Marken at The Hat and I - it's called "The Dreamer" and I have lusted after it for ages.

I used a James C Brett DK Yarn called Woodlander, in the L8 colour shade.

Now I like patterns to sink into my head right away, I can't be done with reading and re-reading, it needs to get in there and become second nature.

My first round failed, the stitches didn't work for me. I tried it again, looked just as bad.   Rather than trying to work out where I went wrong, I ended up just doing what I thought would look right, and it did.

I also added an extra row of black around the rounds than stated in the pattern as I wanted more black in it to make the colours pop more.

Then it was a case of trying to decide how to sew them up.  Should I randomize them or should I go with a more Ombre look.

I decided to sort them into colour lots - or as close as I could get, and have the colours running through from light to dark.

If I thought the rounds took a while, the joining them together seemed to take longer, don't know if that is just because it's a bit boring.  But the sewing in of the ends, well, that just took years!  YEARS I tell you.

Finally, all attached and ends sewn in.  

I added a border to try and fill in the spaces between the shapes, then added a crab stitch border to finish it off, only it pulled it in a little and made it curl.  To be honest I could get it to sit straight if I steam blocked it, but I really wanted to get it photographed  :)

And here it is, on the back of my sofa, just waiting for a chilly evening so it can be pulled down and snuggled into.  Although, quite probably, there will be a cat sitting on it at some point and you are not allowed to move a cat in our house, so I might just have to freeze  :)


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