Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Crochet along .... Mandala (7)

Welcome back to my Crochet Along - Mandala.  If you are keeping up, you should be at this stage.....

....which should be somewhere around 18" and will fit an 18" cushion pad from Dunelm Mill.

If you are planning on doing a cushion then today we are going to be starting on the other side.  I am not going to call it "the back" as it will be reversible.

If you are just doing a couple of nice rounds for table decorations, then we are starting a new one  :)

So, are you sitting comfortably?  Then let's begin.  We will be working in UK crochet terms throughout.

Make a magic ring and chain 2.

And into the ring work 12 Treble Crochets.

Slip Stitch to join and pull the tail to bring the hole nice and closed tight.

Chain 2

Cut 12 pieces of different coloured yarns about a meter long each.  I used 4 pieces of three different colours.

Pull a piece of yarn through your loop, leaving a short tail to sew in afterwards.

Now, as we have done before on certain rounds, we are going to be working around the POST of the stitch below.  Note where the blue hook is sitting, we will be working that way to make a stitch.

Make a Treble crochet round that first post.  But stop when you have the last two loops on the hook.

Pick up your original colour and bring it through the last two loops. Pull your yarn neat (not too tight, but enough to tighten up the loops) at the back.

Using the main colour add a Treble Crochet into the gap that has been left right next to the stitch.  Again stop when there are two loops left on the hook.

Pull through your next colour of a new length of cut yarn.

We are going back to working around the post, make a Treble around the next post below. Stop when there are two loops on the hook and add your main colour back in.
Treble into the space beside.

We are going to repeat this all the way round.  You will end up with 12 coloured post stitches and 12 main colour stitches in-between.  (and lots of tails)

Slip stitch to join.

Chain 2 then pick up the colour matching the post below and pull it through.

This row, we will be working around the posts again, but this time they are easier to see as the colour you are using will match the post you have to work around.

Work your first 'round post stitch' and pull up the main colour through the last two loops.

Treble into the space right beside the post stitch, then Treble into the stitch immediately in front of the next post stitch, leaving the two loops on and pulling the next colour through.

You will be working around matching colours to the post stitches with 2 main colour Trebles inbetween. 

Still with me?   Slip stitch to join.

Chain 2 and pull up the first colour as in the last row.
Into the centre stitch inbetween the two post colour work 2 Trebles.

Continue around with coloured post stitches and 2 Trebles inbetween.  Slip Stitch to join.

The next row is the same, but working THREE trebles into the centre between the post stitches.

Slip stitch to join.

You are getting the hang of this now right?   This time work 2 x 2 Trebles in the centre stitches on your way round.

Slip Stitch to join.

Chain 2, pull up your next colour as in all the other rows and work your post stitch.

But this time carry on with that colour making a Treble crochet into each stitch (5 coloured stitches in total including the post stitch).  Bring the next colour up in the last stitch.

Do exactly the same with the next colour.... and the next.  

Work all the way round and join with a slip stitch into the first colour block, pushing the main colour 2 Chain to the back.

And I think that will do nicely for this instalment.  You have just made a pinwheel  :)  Well done.

The next instalment coming soon, but if you have just joined us please use the links below to catch up  :)

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And remember, anyone who joins in with this crochet along and provides a photo at the end will be entered into a draw to win a lovely prize of a full set of coloured crochet hooks in a case just like this one...

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