Sunday, 23 March 2014

Crochet Wreath class

A great day was had by all last Tuesday as I held a crochet wreath class at Hobbycraft, Carlisle.

The day just flew by, we could have done with a few more hours actually, five just was not enough  :)

Three lovely ladies on the workshop, Marie, Karen and Stacey.

Here is Karen, busy with her hooky lovelyness.

Stacey and Marie quietly working away, as all good hooky people should  :)

Marie decided to concentrate on her flowers, producing the most gorgeous colour palette of a sunny yellow background with pinks, whites and lilacs to adorn.  This is going to look amazing when it is finished.

...and just check out those perfectly straight edges, fabulous work, especially as Marie has only been crocheting for a short time.

Karen decided on roses, each with a pearly bead centre.  Don't they look great?  she really worked hard and fast and got her wreath form covered in record time.

Stacey went for a Holly Wreath, she used a variegated yarn so here leaves were coming out in all different, glorious, glittery shades.  Teamed with red and purple berries, I love it.  She did have a little help with the wreath cover so she could concentrate on her leaves.

I was very impressed with the work these ladies produced, they are all going to be stunning wreathes and I cannot wait to see them finished.

Next time though, I might use a slightly smaller wreath form for this class as I would have liked to have seem them completed in class.  It's hard to work out how long things will take sometimes, but not a bad 5 hours work I would say.

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