Monday, 31 March 2014

Upcycled Vintage Bunting

Do you remember that bundle of vintage lovelyness I got at a table top sale the other day?   Well, I mentioned that I had a cunning plan of what to do with it, and here it is....  I was going to chop it all up and make some bunting!

Now I know that some people might be having a mild heart attack at the thought of me cutting up other peoples work, but the way I see it is that this stuff was probably destined for the land-fill once the table top sale was over if it didn't sell, so I have rescued it and giving it a whole new life while showing off the best bits  :)

First off I needed a template, so I took this napkin/hanky piece and worked out the best shape to get the most from it.

It ended up being 150mm across by 220mm down the edges.

Not great as some bits were going to be left out, but it worked.

Ta dah!

These 'chair backs' were greats, I got two lovely pieces out of each of those.

I used just a plain cream lining fabric for the backs.  Once you have cut one out you can just go along the strip with barely any wastage.

Back and front.

Putting the pieces good side in, it was time for Sally Singer to do her magic.  

A quick turn the right way in, with a little jiggery pokery with a pin to get the point out and it was starting to look the part.

Time to iron.  They looked so nice when pressed.  (Hey Mum, look at me, using an iron!!)

14 pieces in total.

Now to lay them out to try and work out if there is to be any patterning.

Pattern decided, it was now time to add the ribbony bit.  Having not ever made bunting before I wasn't totall sure what to go with.  In the end I decided on Bias Binding.  I didn't want it too thick so bought a 10mm one.  Well, that was a mistake wasn't it?  I couldn't get the tops of the bunting to stay in the binding long enough to even pin it, never mind sew it.    Back to the shop to buy a 25mm one.   This worked better, but I didn't like the look of it so ended up folding it in half on the front side and pressing it.  

I think it works.

Now I needed to find somewhere to hang it to photograph it!   Hallway cupboard doors?  (I had Hubster standing at the door trying to stop the light coming through the glass panel - didn't work.

Hall floor then.  In sections....

It measures just under 2.5 meters long.  I went up to visit my Mother for Mother's Day yesterday and meant to take it with me so I could drape it in her lovely garden... but forgot!

This is going to be entered into the Bead Buddies Forum monthly challenge, which is "bunting"  :)  You may recall I entered some pom-pom bunting a couple of weeks ago.  Will let you know how I get on  :)


  1. Lovely bunting - I have made a few miles of it in my time! Have you tried making your own bias binding as then it can be made just the right width?
    All the best

  2. I haven't Jenny, I am a total newbie to sewing. Is it difficult to make your own?


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