Monday, 17 March 2014

New kit packaging

You know I have been working on some new craft kits, right?

Well, it has taken me a while to decide on how to package them. I wanted something unfussy, well priced, available in different sizes - and, actually, just something that did the job without paying through the nose for it.

I eventually decided on these bags.  Kraft brown, with a window, so you can get a sneaky glimpse of the goodies inside.

There is a 'contents' sticker to add, but I was too impatient to show you.

And I can get similar in box format too for those larger craft kits that I just cannot squash into a bag.

Quite chuffed with them I am  :)

The first kit will be a drop-stitch ribbon scarf, as soon as I get the instructions written up  :)


  1. Excellent choice - unfussy and do the job well.

  2. Geniarse!! I like it a lot

    T xx

  3. great! and loving those red needles!

  4. Cool packaging - and the needles are fab :)

  5. Thanks you all, I was hoping folks would like it.


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