Friday, 21 March 2014

Beaded prom tiara - free tutorial

Following on from my beaded tiara's post from a few days ago, as promised, here is a tutorial for you so you can make your own :)

This one is made with gemchips - amethyst ones to be precise, I just love the way they work and look all natural, yet 'gemmy'.  Teamed with some Swarovskis for a nice glint of sparkle they make a lovely prom tiara.  And of course, gemchips come in lots of different stones and colours.

You will need:
  • 1 Tiara Base
  • Approx 80 4mm Swarovski Crystals
  • 18” String of Tumbled Gemchips
  • 0.5mm Lacemakers Wire

What you do:
  •  Take a comfortable length of wire (approx 1m) and laying a short piece along the tiara base start wrapping the rest around the tiara approx 7cm from one endWrap it twice, then thread on a crystal, holding it at the height you wish it to be, fold the wire over so it comes back around the base and wrap it three times to secure.

  • Take the crystal between your fingers and twist in one direction until the wire is fully twisted and stands up straight and firm.

  • Add new strands in the same way, by adding a bead, holding in place, and twisting the wire. Wrapping the wire around the tiara base inbetween to secure and space out.

  • Continue adding beads, crystals and gemchips until you reach the centre of the band, add a longer central twist to mark the middle. If you need to add extra wire, just bind both ends in as you did at the start.
  • Mirror the design as you work down the other side of the band.
  • When you have added the last strand, wrap the wire around twice to secure and start to work back along the band again, this time add a crystal to the front of the band making sure each wrap is nice and neat up against the previous one. Finish the wire by working the end through the back of a few crystals. 
  • Take a thin knitting needle or other thin rod, and starting with the centre strand, hold the rod in place and wrap the wire tightly around it, pull the rod out and you are left with a twisty strand.  Do this on every OTHER strand for texture.
  • The strands need to be sitting at around a 45 degree angle to look right on the head, but you can fiddle with it and see what looks best for you  :)

© The Bead Shed/Sue Simmons – May 2008

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