Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bag making with Emma from Hole House

Last Sunday I treated my Mum to an early Mother's Day pressie - a bag making workshop at The Eden Workshop in Plumpton, Penrith, with Emma from Hole House.

Emma's bags are really something else, pop over to her Facebook page to have a wee peep.

We got there at 10.00am just in time for a brew  (bucket size) and some home-made scrummy biccies.

Then really, we just jumped on in and started bag making.  Although it did take me a little time to choose a fabric as I simply could not make a decision at home so ended up taking mountains of the stuff with me!

In the end I went for the fabric that I got at the Standfast Factory Shop a few weeks back - because it was glittery  :)

All the pieces cut out, with lining pieces too, and a bit of complimenting fabric for the piping - yep, we were making our own piping too!!

I was just so chuffed with myself having done this little bit - never made piping before, never had the need really, but it looked too difficult anyway.  It wasn't of course  :)

The lovely Emma showing us the next step.

Piping now attached to the flappy bit, which I deliberately cut to try and get the flower in the centre.

Once the lining and padding was added it was starting to look all professional - so soon into the class too.  I could have happily gone home then, chuffed with just a bag flap.

Then I did the body of the bag, sewing the two sides to the wadding.  I added a sneaky button to the centre of the flower too, coz I could  :)

Break for lunch, Jane from The Eden Workshop, makes the most marvelous lunches.  Three courses, although I have been strict the last couple of times and just had soup and pudding as I can't concentrate on the afternoon's work once my belly is full of delicious nosh.  I just need to sleep!

After lunch it was time to assemble.   But which side should I use?
 This one..... 

Or this one?.......

I went for the first option so I would have a flower, with button, on both the front and back.

Strap time, again all very professional looking with buckles and over-stitching.  Oooo I am so excited!

Voilà!   Look, LOOK, I made a bag!!  A real bag, you can put things in it and everything.

And it fastens, with a magnetic popper thing.

Proper straps and everything.


I am just a bit too over excited about this aint I?  Here, have a photo of a button  :)

La, la, la, la, la, I made a baaaa-aaag!

Front view.

Back view.

Do you want to see my Mum's too?  Here you go then.
A nice dusky pink number, with poppers, straps and pockets too.

It's worth a closer look .......

I just HAVE to make another one now.  What can I cut up?

Sewing Bee for me next I think ;)


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