Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My new business cards have arrived

Why is it so exciting to get new business cards?

I guessed they were going to land this morning so I hung back from my shower, because I knew the second that water started to trickle, the doorbell would ring.   And last time that happened, I jumped out of the shower, slipped on the floor, went down like a sack of spuds, winded myself and got the 'red card of doom' through the letterbox.

This morning I was ready. I greeted the postman with such glee - good job he has been my delivery driver for quite some time and knows I am a bit of an odd ball - nearly knocking him off his feet while I snatch the box.

Then..... I made him stand there while I opened the box so I could give him a business card.

Now THAT'S what I call self-promotion  ;)

PS:  I have noticed an error, twice I checked the blooming thing.  It's not a massive error, just a font colour issue  ('Phone' should have been in black ink)  but it's going to annoy me for however long it takes to give 2000 business cards away!


  1. Love it ... even with the font error it looks good !!

  2. I love the phone in red it makes it urgent PHONE ME NOW!

  3. Sooz, it looks good, don't worry about it

  4. Send me some and I shall distribute them.

  5. Ta Sandie, I have a box to send to you anyway, will pop some in.


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