Monday, 3 March 2014

Patons Valiani 'wet look' yarn

Just finished crocheting this gorgeous jumper.  I say gorgeous not as in to blow sunshine up my own bum, but gorgeous as in that is is a beautiful pattern and the most divine yarn.

The yarn is Valiani from Patons.  It was in the Hobbycraft clearance sale in packs of 10. I bought 3 packs  :)  2 red and a black.  
It looks rather odd with it's high shine, it almost looks wet.... or PVC ish, don't you think?
Based on that you might expect it to feel somewhat rough to the touch, so I got quite a shock when I opened it to find the softest, snuggliest, cosy yarn ever!

It is an Acrylic/Polyester/Wool mix and is honestly just beautiful.

Now what pattern could I possibly make with this?  I thought it needed to be more of an over top, so you could show the yarn of to it potential rather than it being solid stitches.

I found this lovely FREE pattern by Tammy Hildebrand, you can find it on the Red Heart Yarns website.

Oh, have you met my manequin?  She is called Claudette and she is skinny.  Never mind though, she does her job well and doesn't cost much to keep  ;)

My plus size tunic doesn't sit so well on skinny Claudette.

Let's nip it in a bit.  That's better  :)  (I wish!!)

Have a close up of the lovely design.

This only took 9 balls of Valiani yarn, so I have another full bag to play with in red and a bag of black.  What shall I make next?


  1. love it Sooz and a great pattern too :-)

  2. What amazing wool, I had no idea such a thing existed, that is a cracking looking top as well, good work missus
    T x


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