Monday, 24 March 2014

My first kit, hot off the press

It was such a hard decision trying to work out which kit to make up first to launch on the new website.

In the end I just grabbed a lovely ball of ribbon yarn and made a drop-stitch scarf out of it.   THIS was going to be the first kit - well you have to start somewhere don't you?

Easy peasy pattern, great for beginners and established knitters alike.

Offered, at the moment, in 4 colours, but I do have a pink colourway on the way, which should be here by next week hopefully.

What I plan to do with most kits - stock allowing - is to offer "Refill Packs", so if you want to make more you can just buy the refill pack of the materials rather than having to purchase a whole kit again.

I am also going to offer a 'tool deduction' option, so if you already have the knitting needles, or the wire cutters, or the pom-pom maker, you can opt to have them removed at a reduced price.

Obviously these kits take quite a bit of time to build.  First of all there is the choosing of what to make with the materials, then you have to see if it works - sometimes it just doesn't.  Next comes the making and the step-by-step photography.  Followed by the photo editing, which can take a good chunk of time.  After that there is the writing up of the instructions which can take days in some cases.   Then the printing of instructions and the labels for the kit packaging.  Finally it is time to pack it all up and make it look nice before putting all the information on the website.  But it doesn't stop there as ideally I would like a sample in each colour way so off I go to make it all over again..... and again!

This is why it has taken a while to get these produced ready for sale.  But here it is.....

The "Flutters Scarf" kit.

Available in 'Candy', 'Lavender', 'Lilac' and 'Olive'.  Priced at £7.50 per kit.


Now then, what do I do next?

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  1. Sooz what a fab idea, lots of luck with them and I really like the refill idea as well

    T xx


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