Thursday, 5 June 2014

Display frame of earrings

I got this box frame given because the giver "thought I would be able to do something with it", the glass was broken so I took that out and popped it into my box of glass for fusing and stained glass work.  Then there was the frame.....

It sat in my craft room for a while, waiting for inspiration to hit.

Then I decided I would make a charity donation to the Animals Refuge, where Ruby came from.  Obviously we paid our cash donation as per, but I just wanted something a little extra for their gift shop.

So I took the frame.

Removed the back board and decopatched it in a pretty purple paper.  I mix PVA with a bit of water for the glue base and also use that as the varnish too.

Slapped it on...

Then I left it to dry before popping it back into the frame.

My business cards  (method in my madness, which I shall explain later on) with holes punched in, how many can I fit in the frame space?  24 in total.  I mark the spots where the holes are with a Sharpie pen.

And stick clear push pins into it.   They were tricky to get in due to the varnish on the paper, but got them through with a little twiddling about.

Yep, that's the look I was going for.

But need to do something about the sharp sticky out pins at the back.  With a strong wire cutter I trimmed them off, but they were still a bit sticky outy and a touch sharp.

We had some corrugated plastic sheets from making our Guinea Pig cage back in December, so cut strips of that and with double-sided sticky tape, placed it over the pin ends.

Here stands a slight issue.  The holes I have punched in the cards will not go over the pins.  So, I need a larger hole cutter or a smaller pin.

A trip to Hobbycraft got me a 10mm circle punch at half price!  Bargain.

Now for something different....

34 pairs of earrings, all made and put onto the cards.  The reason that I used my business cards is that the nice white back gives a good plain background for the earrings, but anyone who buys a pair takes away all  my details with them  :)  Always looking for a way to advertise  ;)

Now to hang them up on the little pins.  (with some in a bag as replacements)

And off to the Refuge they will go, in the hope it might earn them a few pennies in their collection pot.   I have also pledged to restock the frame with earrings, when needed, for the next year  :)

ps: The Amazon links I've scattered throughout the page are affiliated  if you click and buy I might get a few pennies - just so you know.


  1. you are so inventive Sooz and what a lovely gesture for the refuge, well done.

  2. Ingenuity meets generosity ... equals genius! What a brilliant makeover as well as a wonderful gift to the refuge. It has given me an idea as to our display for our pendants. What we have now is okay, and they're selling, but I like this idea and this look much better. Your friend was absolutely right in thinking you'd be able to do 'something with it.' :) Great stuff and well done.

  3. Brilliant! And generous. :)

  4. Thanks for your comments guys :)


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