Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ruby's first proper walk.

The time has come for Ruby to go out for walks, which is a blooming good thing if you ask me as the little monster is a bit stir-crazy in the house.  She does have use of our garden, but I think she has smelled all there is to smell, and chewed all there is to chew, so the time has come for her to treat her nose and feet to somewhere a little further afield.

We took her to Rickerby Park in Carlisle.  It was a lovely warm evening, just perfection for a dog walk.  We dug out Dotty's retractable lead so she could have a bit of a gallop about.

She wasn't overly keen on getting in the car as she suffers from a little car sickness, but it was a very short journey and we managed to get there with no puppy puke.  Hopefully she will soon see that car journeys usually have a lovely end to them and will jump in quite willingly, as she is a heavy little puppy just now.

Lots of lovely smells to smell, and cowpats to chew!  Yeah, really.  She desperately wanted to take a lump of cow pat with her.

Then we discovered the river.  Someone is not too chuffed of wet paws, but she watched curiously as Hubster threw some stones in and they made an interesting plonking sound.

The long lead allowed to to run about quite a bit, but there was also a bit of a downfall as she decided to follow a couple of ladies out for an evening stroll and when I tried to pull her back I got a most nasty friction burn on my hand.   Won't be doing that again!

The little soul was so tired when she got home, she had her dinner and slept soundly on her bean-bag for the rest of the evening.


  1. Ahhhhh...Ruby's a darling. She looks very happy to be out and about and checking out the great outdoors. Our cat Phillo also gets very sleepy after we take him out on his kitty lead (yes, there is such a thing as a lead for cats, and our little fella is delighted about that fact). He's very nosey...beyond curious, so after a good 20 minutes of sniffing and exploring (and wanting to explore even more) the amount of energy he uses up during these outings completely tuckers him out...adorable.

    Happy first day outside, sweet Ruby girl.

  2. Thanks June, just need to work on getting her off that lead now. Recall is coming along nicely.


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