Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My very exciting Charity Shop find

Going back to my previous post about charity shop shopping in Oxfordshire, did you work out what it was that might have got me so excited.

I said that you could see it in one of the photos.  This one in fact....

This is it!  Can you see it in the photo above?  But what might it be?

An old Singer sewing machine. 

As soon as I saw the box, I knew. It is the same machine that I learnt on many moons ago.  My Gran had one and I was allowed to "play" with it, although I don't remember making anything in particular, just sewing lines up bits of old fabric.

Look at the bobbin and boat shuttle, a little different to the ones we have these days.

You wind the bobbin up, somehow, on this part, I seem to recollect, can't quite remember how to do it so I am hoping my Mum might help with that.

The little brush was also tucked inside the box.

And the bargain price?   £35!

Old (new) meets new (old).

Well, there was one person that worked it out, so very well done to you Maggie, there will be a little surprise winging it's way to you very soon  :)


  1. Well shopped. Great bargain. What a lovely machine.

  2. Gorgeous old machine. They don't make 'em like that anymore. My mom had one with a wooden cover too. I fell on it once and had to go to the hospital! ha.

  3. Wow, really? Did you do much damage (to yourself and the machine :) )


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