Friday, 20 June 2014

Doll's Pram Quilt & Pillow

Do you remember a little while ago when I made crochet pram blankets for my great niece's pram?  If not you can find them HERE.

Well, I promised to also make her some sheets and a pillow, but true to form, I have never got around to it until now.  

The reason I did it today was I was given some baby sheets - vintage, must be 40 year old, and I thought it would be super-cute to make little ones for Grace's pram out of them.

First I started with a pillow.  The pram measures 7" across so it needed to be a little pillow.

This little in fact - cute huh?

I stuffed it with polyfibre and sewed it shut.

Then out of the vintage fabric I made a little pillow case for it.

Complete with an envelope fastening!

Next I sandwiched a piece of wadding inbetween some plain white sheet and the patterned fabric and sewed it all together, then I decided to do some machine quilting, of which I have never attempted before. 

I just wiggled and swirled the machine and made squiggly wiggly lines all over it.

I also made a single sheet, one that will go underneath and over the bottom liner of the pram.

Job done at last, sometimes it is just worth waiting for that perfect material.


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