Saturday, 7 June 2014


What a great night out I had last night.  I spotted a poster in my local Post Office for a "Zing" Evening, to be held in the local church.  The poster boasted performances by a Carlisle based contemporary singing group along with cheese and wine for just £5.00 !!   What, really, £5.00 - with wine?   How could you not take the risk and buy a ticket?   So I did, four in fact.   I treated my Oldies and Shona.  Sadly Shona wasn't very well so couldn't make it, but not to worry, I would drink her wine and eat her cheese.

So we arrived to the church/hall which was beautifully set with tables and runners, with pots of chutney and olives, and we got our glass of wine on the way in  (extra wine only cost £1.00 a glass - but I was on doubles, as I am hardcore  ;) )

Then the performance started.  A wonderful mix of people with a love for music.
What a great choir, the hairs on my arms were standing up most of the time, their voices blended so well.  It's been a long time since I, myself, sang in a choir and it was beautifully emotional.

At 'half-time' the cheese arrived.   Well, I wasn't expecting such a wonderful presentation - not for a fiver anyway.  Served on a slate, there was a mixture of cheeses, salad, grapes, crackers and bread - with real butter too.   Oh, there was also Salami, but I whipped that off quick onto the Oldies slate.
It was a slate for two people to be fair, and I landed one to myself, but I sent the meat one way and the bread the other - someone else ate the blue cheese and the grapes, so I wasn't a complete piglet  :)

More wine  :)

The place was packed, it was a really lovely atmosphere with everyone talking to each other and being friendly.

Then there was a raffle, and I was lucky enough to win a huge Dove gift set with loads of things in it, so I shared it out with everyone on the table and we all got a bottle or bar of something each.

Oldies, enjoying the evening.

Part two was faster beat songs and people were encouraged to get up and dance - and they did.  I love people watching, especially when people are having a really good time, which they seemed to be.

Now, if you fancy hearing this choir for yourself and you are local to Carlisle here is a fabulous opportunity for you.  They are playing at a "Cream Tea" event in Belah  (estate opposite Morrisons supermarket) on Saturday 14th June - 2.00pm-4.00pm.  My mates from Hobbycraft are going to be there doing Facepainting too.  It sounds like it is going to be a great day, hope the weather holds out.
Best of all, it's FREE entry, so you can go and have a listen for nothing  :)  It's worth going in my opinion.

If you cannot make it, pop along to their website and have a listen  :)

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