Monday, 16 June 2014

Homemade Potato Rosti

I love Rosti, it's so simple to make, yet so tasty too, and you can jazz it up with all sorts of stuff - meat (if you like), chillies, cheese, fresh herbs - the list goes on.

So, let me show you the way I do it, my usual haphazard "chuck it all in the pan" method, of course.  But it seems to work for me  :)

First of all you need some root veggies.  I used potatoes, sweet potatoes and a carrot or two.

Grate them, or if you are too lazy to grate, buy one of these Tefal Fresh Express machines and just bang chunks of veg in the top, press the button and marvel at how much time you have saved  ;)

Lay it all out on a clean tea-towel.  Spread it out as much as you can.

Put another clean tea-towel on top and squash all the moisture out.

Shake it back into the bowl and season well.

Say "Hello" to Mr Peasbody.  He is a salt & pepper mill, for salt you turn one way, for pepper you turn the other - genius!

Heat a little olive oil in a non stick frying pan and plop the mixture in, press it down so it forms into a flat cake.

Cook until it is brown when you lift an edge up and slightly peer underneath.   Now, you don't want to be trying to flip this or it will just break into small pieces and fly all round your kitchen, so instead, slide it onto a plate.  Put another plate on top and invert it and slide it back into the pan.

Cook until the underside is nice and brown.

Sprinkle a little cheese on the top if you like and let it melt.

Serve with a couple of poached eggs and a large glass of red.

The runny yolk just dribbled down through the cheese and into the potato and tastes so good!


  1. I have one word: yummmmmmm :)

    And thanks, too, for sharing your rosti recipe. Can't wait to try this on our new cooker.

  2. Let me know what you think June :) I like to add a few dried chilli flakes too, but Hubster doesn't.


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