Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sample strip for Cushion Cardi's

A few days ago I blogged about a new kit going on sale - cushion cardi's.

I decided, rather than lugging a load of bulky cushions to shows and fairs, I would take one and a sample piece of colour choices.
Six panels, one of each colour.  Five with button holes in - one without.... but why?

Well, if you flip it over you will find that that section has the button options sewn on it.

Would you choose cream or brown for this colour?

And what you can do is fold the sample over and button those buttons into the button-holes to show what the different coloured buttons look like with each shade of yarn.

I was a bit too chuffed with my idea - in fact, if I knew how to play a trumpet, I would blow it rather hard right now.

Makes a nice scarf too  :)...........   oooooooh, now there's an idea forming.....


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